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This is for [personal profile] analise010 as part of the October swap that's going on! She wanted Irishy things, I said I'd make a small mediaspam while I figured out what to send her, and I... ended up with a load of dance but not many other Irishy things? You guys, I just LOVE Irish dancing. (Except the costumes. EW.)

One of my many favourite Irish poems:

Oisín I nDiaidh Na Féinne

Tháinig ar an gcapall bán
Ó Thír na nÓg leis féin
An fear a d’fhág na Fianna tráth
Is d’imigh leis i gcéin.

Trí chéad bliain a chaith sé ann
Is ag dul in óige a bhí,
Cé go raibh na Fianna blianta
San uaigh ina luí.

“Ná tar anuas den chapall
Nó beidh tú sean, a stór,
Tá na blianta fada caite
Ó chuala Fionn do ghlór.”

Le comhairle Niamh níor éist
An fear ar an gcapall bán,
Is é a bhí óg is láidir
Mar a bhí nuair a d’fhág sé slán.

Oisín an té a tháinig
Is a thit dá chapall bán,
A d’athraigh ina sheanfhear lag
Tar éis na gcéadta ar fán.

(le Tomás F. Mac Anna)

This is one of my favourite poems in Irish - it's a retelling of the old folk story Oisín i dTír Ná nÓg, about a young brave man, Oisín who is brought to a magical land called Tír na nÓg by a girl called Niamh on a white horse. Nobody ages there, and finally Oisín decides he wants to go and visit his family in Ireland. So Niamh lends him her white horse, and tells him:
<<“Ná tar anuas den chapall
Nó beidh tú sean, a stór,
Tá na blianta fada caite
Ó chuala Fionn do ghlór.”>>

<<"Don't step down from the horse
Or you'll be old, love
It's been many years
Since you've heard your family.">>

Basically, if he is to step off the white horse, then he will instantly age and die, because it's been so long he would be an old man now.
So, warning in hand, and saddle strap on, Oisín heads off to Ireland, but when he arrives, there is no one he knows to be found. He asks some men working nearby, "Where are the Féinne?" (Féinne are a mystical group of strong brave men who protected the country.) He's told it's been hundreds of years since they last had protection from the country, and Oisín realises just how slowly time passed in Tír na nÓg. He turns around, but then sees some men struggling to move a boulder. Oisín is famously strong, and he offers to help, but can't step off the horse. So he leans down to try to help them, with only the saddle strap in place. However, the strap breaks and Oisín falls to the ground, and instantly becomes an old man. He spends three days alive, and finally dies in peace, mourning for his lost love Niamh.
(If you've read this story before, you might recognise it differently. This is a story with an oral tradition - I've seen it written down but it's always been embellished as it's told, and no version is quite the same. This is how I remember it.)
The Children of Lir; a old ledgend from my childhood.

The National Children's Choir singing Péigin Leitir Móir.

Nell Ní Chróinín singing "An Lacha Bacach".

Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh & Danú - An Seanduine

One of my favourite bodhran solo's:

The Dubliners - Cork Hornpipe. (You will be jigging in your seat after this!)

Broom dance! Most people end up doing this at parties!

My alltime favourite set dance - the second I hear the music I start doing it!


Hurling - our other national game and the fastest sport on earth. (Seriously.)

My favourite Seán Nós dance!

Uh, I think that might be enough dance videos? They're my favourite part of Irish culture, not gonna lie.
I'll be back with more later!

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