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Because I do.

Help spread the word on podfic (you don't need to be a podficcer to join in!).
[community profile] pod_aware || [community profile] pod_aware

Such fun! I sadly didn't participate last year as I was totally swamped, but this year I totally will. The subjects look very interesting too.

[community profile] theatripod is taking place! Sadly, I don't think it's something for me, because I SUCK at deadlines so badly, but just in case anyone hasn't heard of it. I will be eagerly following the proceedings and willing to help anyone through a mental recording/directing/editing block!

frerard mini fang bang
A newer, darker album is coming up. Halloween (and Frankie's birthday) looms, and what better way to celebrate than a flailtastic mini frerard (fang!)bang? The challenge, should you choose to accept it: vampire frerard, 5k word minimum.

Again, this isn't something that I'll be taking part in (the timeline is... very tight) and vampires aren't something I like writing or creating around, but I will happily consume the resulting fanworks. I'm not doing anything for Hallowe'en this year, podfic-wise (last year, myself and [personal profile] knight_tracer worked frantically to get I Have Been All Things Unholy ready for Hallowe'en.) but it's nice to see that I will get my horror fix!


October Swap is still taking place! I don't know about anything else, but if you want something from me, just comment :D I'm so glad I made a spreadsheet while I was still ahead though, there is so much giving and goodwill going around! I know poor [personal profile] analise010 was saying to me on Twitter that she's finding it hard to keep up, which is a good sign imo! All the more fun!

#InformalTwitterPodficExchange is going on! I just signed up - it's gonna be fuuuun :D Signups are open until Friday, just tweet [twitter.com profile] vworpvworp or [twitter.com profile] bessyboo with fandoms you are willing to record, and ones you'd like to receive in!

Podbang is also accepting sign ups now! Do so here.

October is Repod Month this year!
Come post your repods over at [community profile] multipodicity
October is re-pod month! So if you have a repod lingering on your harddrive, go, post it! Celebrate!

Wow, that's a lot to get through this month! So, how is everyone!?

I've been feeling a bit off lately. There's a flu going around and I've caught it twice (okay, so not a flu. Head cold.) and I actually just got it again yesterday. So I've been curled up with a hot water bottle today.

I saw The Perks of Being A Wall Flower on Sunday, and have mixed emotions. On one hand, LOGAN LERMAAAAAN <3. And I love Emma Watson, I do, but wow she so was not the right person for Sam.

I also made a huge mistake - I brought along a friend who would be triggered by this type of thing, and totally forgot. I feel like such a bad friend /o\. She had a small panic attack in the cinema (luckily it was empty) but I managed to get her to relax and calm down.

Just a small announcement: I'm going to Italy (yay!) for a week from the 25th. You can get me through my email, but I can't promise I'll reply. I assume there will be wifi somewhere, but I'll be spending my time downloading new fic and facetiming with everyone back home to laugh at them and point to the lovely (hopefully) blue sky.

I'll be visiting Venice, Florence and Rome. I've been to Pisa and Milan twice, but never these places. I'm most looking forward to Venice, but I hear it smells really bad? I'm not too excited about Rome - we're visiting the Vatican (so not my thing, despite stunning architecture etc) and although I was a strong advocate of a trip to the Catacombs, we're not :(

But! We're going to see a Roma v. Udinese game in the Olympic Stadium! It'll be great, fireworks, mad crowds, Alsatians, and surely someone ripping all their clothes off. Hopefully not my bff, but who knows. I wouldn't put it past him.

I'm going to see a Belfast Giants game some time in November - I haven't decided the date yet, but probably v. Edinburgh Capitals on the 30th in the Olympia in Belfast. It'll be my first live hockey game, I can't wait. Tickets are so cheap \o/! £8 with my student ID.

I've started boxing classes. It's really hard work but very rewarding. I'm so unfit! I used to do karate, and have competed at world level (when you google my full name, the first results, after my local paper showing all my Catholic sacraments, is records of my wins, hah.). I quit a few years ago and ever since then my physical activeness has declined. I'm also restarting my aerobics classes - they were cancelled over the summer but are back for the autumn/winter term. It's great fun - basically just a half hour of zumba, and then a half hour of whatever, mats, machines, games. All for only €20 for six weeks. And it gets me up early on Saturdays, which is always a bonus.

That's pretty much it! As I said before, if you want to contact me, letsgofriday@gmail is my email.

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