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Title: Love, Sex and Parachutes
Author:[livejournal.com profile] never_walk
Reader: Frankie ([livejournal.com profile] letsgofriday)
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan, Jon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, Frank/Bob, Joe/Ray
Rating: PG-13
Time: 19:29
Size: 17.85 mb
Download: @ Mediafire
Summary: Spencer owns Decaydance Skydiving and employs many of the bandom boys.

Notes: This fic had me cracking up in giggles so many times! I really like it :D Sorry for stuttering so many times, argh. 
This is to tide you guys over until Hallowe'en - I hope to have I Have Been All Things Unholy done in time for a nice horror story but I still have about 29,000 words to record so... Editing argh. 
I also spelt Parachutes wrong. -____- Please ignore me.
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Title: All Along
Author: softlyforgotten
Reader: Frankie ([livejournal.com profile] letsgofriday)
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan
Rating: G
Time: 14:23
Size: 13.18 mb
Download: @ Mediafire
Summary: "I left my book in here," Ryan Ross said, hanging in the doorway, eyes huge and fixed on Brendon. "Um. Before lunch."
"Of course you did," Brendon said. Probably Ryan left stacks of personal belongings all around the school, just ready to be picked up as soon as Brendon was doing something particularly embarrassing in the vicinity.

Notes: This had me singing Taylor Swift. I apologise in advance for ruining your ears. 
Betaed by [livejournal.com profile] knight_tracer, who is a shining human being. 
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Title: Missed Your Skin While You Were East
Author: [livejournal.com profile] unphoenix
Reader: Frankie ([livejournal.com profile] letsgofriday)
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan
Rating: PG-13
Time: 1:37:33
Size: 89.32 mb
Download: @ Mediafire
Summary: Brendon is back to reality now, but he's not sure if he's actually that much happier.

cover (sometimes I fail at life. forgot to include my snazzy little cover.)

IMPORTANT. so very important.
You HAVE to read Made of Silver, Not of Clay (or listen) first, followed by Where Summers Last Longer Than We Do for this to make any sense. Well, I suppose, if you don't, you'll figure it out on your way, but. advised.

Notes: I really enjoyed reading this. I normally do enjoy reading fics, but editing is a different story. Luckily, this one just flew by. I adore this story like none other, and I just wanted to share that with you guys. I hope you enjoy this.
My voice is a bit ruined in this, sorry.
Beta-ed by the lovelylovelylovely Caoimhe. I larv her muchly. Thanks BB for all the encouragement and "GIRL IT'S AWESOME except for..."
Any mistakes still left (that I didn't edit out, eh.) are all mine.

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TITLE: Pink Glitter
AUTHOR: [livejournal.com profile] ivesia19
READER: Frankie ([livejournal.com profile] letsgofriday)
FANDOM: Bandom - Panic! At The Disco
PAIRING: Brendon/Ryan
SUMMARY: When Ryan’s father can’t make it to his daughter’s Parent’s Job Fair Day, Ryan, a struggling writer, fills in for him, only to find himself attracted to his sister’s kindergarten teacher.
TEXT: Here

So, this is my first podfic I've ever posted. I've recorded 8 or 9 podfics, and some are ready to be edited, others are edited and will never see the light of day because the quality is awful. Speaking of, there is some buzzing in the background but it shouldn't be irritating. 

Sorry for any crappy editing, I've gotten sick of my own voice and didn't give it a final listen. I hope you can all understand my Eeeeeye-rish brouge! 

As always, feedback is very very very much appriciated :) <3

Why I chose this fic:

There were three reasons. 
1. Not enough Brendon/Ryan is recorded!
2. It's PG-13, because I am not that kind of girl, sir, and it's KIDFIC!, the joy of my life.
3. I love it so dearly, it gives me happies inside!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


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