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Apr. 19th, 2019 01:27 pm
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James goes back to work today. Despite a phased return it's a weird shift starting at 8 and ending at midnight, so he won't even leave the house until 7. We suspect it's because his immediate boss is on nights and wants to be there for James going back. But whatever it is, it's a positive step forward. Health wise James is much better than he was, and we're still getting out for daily walks which is helping him a lot.

Of course the weather changing for the better is helping that too. It was such a lovely day yesterday, I could even go outside without my hoodie on, which hasn't happened for ages. Though we did spend most of the morning at the limb centre again. James was expecting to pick up his new leg but the stump cover didn't fit right, and of course that needs to be perfect, so it meant hours waiting around while he got another cast done, plus, the shop wasn't open. Which was just wrong, no cheap coffee for me.

After we dropped off Easter eggs for Corey and his girlfriend and eventually headed for home where on the night we watched three episodes of The Rookie, which was decent enough, but nothing stand-out.

The trip to Edinburgh went really well on Tuesday. It had a rocky start as when we arrived at Durham station we discovered that one side of the road was blocked off and you had to park on the opposite side and walk a long way down a hill and back up to get to the other platform as the lift was blocked too. Getting to the other side we found out there was a little golf cart thing that would transport people with mobility issues from one side to the other, but considering we knew nothing about it and it wasn't signposted on the shut side, it wasn't much help to us. But, we were on the train for 7:20 and apart from someone sitting in our booked seats, everything went great. The woman left with an eye roll and as the seats were priority ones were so much easier to get to with a bit extra leg room. Then, two hours later we were at Edinburgh, and went on to leave the station in completely the wrong direction, ending up in this out of the way area. Though it actually ended up good for us as we arrived in this deserted part just as a taxi was dropping some people off, and the taxi driver was great. First telling directions, then telling us about a taxi app that we could put on our phones and both get a £15 first use credit, which meant we got free trips to the zoo and then back.

We were at the zoo gates just before ten, so got in for opening. And man, that zoo is big. It's built over a huge hill so some of the top parts are really steep. To help people with mobility issues they have two converted cars that will drive you where you want to go. Which is a really good idea. What we did was walk the flat parts at the beginning and then got a lift to the top and walked down. Even so, it was a load of walking and step wise I did well over three times my average. James did well but was exhausted by the time we left. We'd had vague plans to visit the castle too, but in the end we left the zoo much later than we'd expected, and James was done. All he was good for was half an hour snooze in the Costa near the train station then a slow walk along the nearby park. Then, back to the train station and home by nine. I had to laugh coming home as we discovered the station was massive with loads of shops and eating places. Where we'd ended up in the morning I've no idea, but we'd seen no shops at all.

I have to admit, I'm conflicted about zoos in many ways. I've seen some bad ones, but Edinburgh zoo had huge areas for all of the animals and are doing good work in terms of conservation, but at the same time, the animals are still caged. So, yeah, conflicted despite enjoying seeing all these fabulous animals. Highlights were the pandas and strangely, the colourful birds area where a bird took a liking to James' hair and beard and sat on his head plucking out hairs.

I've put some of my favourite animal photos behind the cut )

I just did my 20 year LJ card over here.

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Apr. 18th, 2019 09:21 am
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I promise you, you're allowed to throw books away. No, neither the library not the local charity shop want your medical textbooks from the 60s or your falling-apart 80s fantasy paperbooks. If someone can get your book for 1c on Amazon, nobody fucking wants it.
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Source is this tumblr post.

Ishtar Awakens in Chicago

My arrogance knows no bounds
And I will make no peace today
And you shall be so lucky
To find a woman like me

Today neither will the East claim me
nor the West admit me
Today my belly is a well
wherein serpents are coiled
ready to poison the world,
and you should be so lucky.

All I have is my arrogance
I will teach it to lean back
and smoke a cigarette in your faces,
and you should be so lucky

No I will make no peace
even though my hands are empty
I will talk as big as I please
I will be all or nothing
And I will jump before the heavy trucks
And I will saw off my leg at the thigh
before I bend one womanly knee

I am poison
And you will drink me
And you should be so lucky.
- Mohja Kahf
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One hundred years later, here I am with my thoughts about Captain Marvel. \o?

I'll begin by saying that this is a v. squeeful post. To the absolute shock of no one, I fucking LURVED this movie. So, you know, prepare yourselves for 3500 words and change about this film. Woot!

For the non-spoiler crowd, I do think this is deffo a movie worth checking out. If you're a casual moviegoer, the film has action and humor galore. If you're into the MCU, there are plenty of things to keep you entertained (including random callbacks/Easter eggs).

It's not a perfect film--there are deffo scenes where the film stumbles a little. And yet, it's one I recommend going to see at the theater. Obvs, there are other places where you can watch it, but the cinematography is so expansive that, given the chance, going to see it on the biggest screen possible is the better option. IMAX is a good choice, 3D not so much. I've seen it twice on 2D and have no complaints about the quality of the film.

In some ways, this film is a return to 'classic Marvel movie' in the sense that the movie leans a bit heavily on comedy vs. other properties. It also has a deep-rooted optimism common in MCU films. Still, alongside all the ass kicking that happens, the film does include smaller plot threads that show how the directors come from the independent movie scene.

And now I gotta go to SPOILER-O-RAMA because there are tons of things I want to talk about )
So, did you liked it? Didn't like it? Wish there had been more [insert trope or character here]? Tell meee!
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Concept: a superhero team where all of its members are charmingly straight-edge Lawful Good dorks, but they’re publicly stereotyped as one of those early 1990s edgier-than-thou outfits because all of their powers are kind of creepy. Like, not even harmful or dangerous, or at least not any moreso than your average team’s powers – they just have an edgy vibe.

- [tumblr.com profile] prokopetz, dorker and edgier

#seriously is this not literally their"MCR saves lives" phase #with the daily mirror calling them a suicide cult and all #amazing someone please write it
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"Mikey..." Gerard stretches out his left hand, eyes locked with the unicorn's. Somewhere in Gerard's mind there's a split: a part of him is aware that he's standing in front of the hallway closet at his uncle's house in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. Another part of him is running around in circles, trying to understand why there's a fucking mythological creature standing guard next to a smiling Mikey.

"Isn't it awesome?" Mikey says, his eyes huge and shiny. "I was just sitting here, waiting for you when there was this, I dunno, fog or something and then 'poof!' there was a unicorn."

Gerard's experience with animals - real or imaginary - is very limited outside of zoos. All he can remember about horses (or horse-like creatures) is that they can smell fear. Right now, he's absolutely sure he stinks of it. "That's great, Mikes," Gerard says carefully, waving his hand as softly as he can. "How about you come over here and we let your friend hang out in aunt Celia's closet?"

- [archiveofourown.org profile] Lucifuge5's Four Times Gerard Way Hated Unicorns and the One Time He was Grateful for Their Existence

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Apr. 15th, 2019 06:32 pm
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Finally, Game of Thrones is back. It's been a long wait. cut for spoilers )

We've been out and about the last week or so. One day we went to Durham. We went around the cathedral and had a bit of a mooch around the town. Then another day went to a nearby petting zoo where I got to feed many animals, and discovered that deer have very long and wet tongues. As shown behind here )

We took a very bumpy and cold tractor ride to look at the cows and I got to pet a donkey, though didn't get to hold a chick because of all the children getting the first pick. Which was only right, but still...

We've seen the new Hellboy, which was okay, but the people behind us obviously didn't think so as they walked out halfway through and today went to see Little which was a bog standard adult turning into a child film.

Tomorrow we're off for a day trip to Edinburgh. James has got his disabled person rail card so we're catching the 7:20 train and will come back early evening. I'm looking forward to it, despite living pretty close I haven't been to Edinburgh for a long time, though I can't say I'm looking forward to the early start.

music meme from twitter

Apr. 14th, 2019 11:30 pm
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1 like (or in this case, 1 comment) = 1 favourite album + top 3 songs

Also, reproducing my answers from twitter here for my own reference & because I will take any excuse to share music (and with links/embeds, unlike on twitter - note I can vouch for the audio being what it says it is but I can't vouch for any visual content, since I mostly didn't watch the videos):

1. My Chemical Romance: Danger Days (2010)

favourite songs from Danger Days under the cut )

2. Faun: Licht (2003)

favourite songs from Licht under the cut )

3. Little Mix: Salute (2013)

favourite songs from Salute under the cut )

4. Poets of the Fall: Clearview (2016)

favourite songs from Clearview under the cut )

5. Omnia: Alive! (2007)

favourite songs from Alive! under the cut )

6. SKÁLD: Vikings Chant (2019)

favourite songs from Vikings Chant under the cut, for which I can't find any unrestricted videos, ugh )

7. Kamelot: Shadow Theory (2018)

favourite songs from Shadow Theory under the cut )

8. Mika: Life In Cartoon Motion (2006)

favourite songs from Life In Cartoon Motion under the cut )

9. Adam Lambert: For Your Entertainment (2009)

favourite songs from For Your Entertainment under the cut )

10. Cobra Starship: Night Shades (2011)

favourite songs from Night Shades under the cut )

11. Empires: HOWL (2008)

favourite songs from HOWL under the cut )

12. Fall Out Boy: Save Rock And Roll (2013)

favourite songs from Save Rock And Roll under the cut )

13. Panic! At The Disco: Vices & Virtues (2011)

favourite songs from Vices & Virtues under the cut )

14. Lhasa: The Living Road (2003)

favourite songs from The Living Road under the cut )

15. Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster (International Deluxe) (2009)

favourite songs from The Fame Monster (International Deluxe) under the cut )

16. Rihanna: Good Girl Gone Bad (2007)

favourite songs from Good Girl Gone Bad under the cut )

17. Patrick Stump: Soul Punk (2011)

favourite songs from Soul Punk under the cut )

18. Sisters of Mercy: A Slight Case of Overbombing (1993)

favourite songs from A Slight Case of Overbombing under the cut. Also the lead singer is hot and I'm angry about it )

(As an aside, this meme is really hard for me because I often listen to albums in full, and just picking three favourites is hard because I like the "thing as a whole", more than anything. So some of these songs are chosen essentially at random!)

As it turns out...

Apr. 13th, 2019 11:21 pm
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... the amount of salt needed for me to go from hnnnggdsfghbbv I need sodium to aauuugghhhh get it off my tongue is five coarse grains of sea salt.
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I lik the form

My naym is pome / and lo my form is fix’d
Tho peepel say / that structure is a jail
I am my best / when formats are not mix’d
Wen poits play / subversions often fail

Stik out their toung / to rebel with no cause
At ruls and norms / In ignorance they call:
My words are free / Defying lit'rate laws
To lik the forms / brings ruin on us all

A sonnet I / the noblest lit'rate verse
And ruls me bind / to paths that Shakespeare paved
Iambic fot / allusions well dispersed
On my behind / I stately sit and wave

You think me tame /
Fenced-in and penned / bespelled
I bide my time /
I twist the end / like hell

- O. Westin
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The Pens haven't broken their streak getting into the playoffs, so [personal profile] pennyplainknits and I aren't breaking our streak baking for them, with [personal profile] eledhwenlin joining in as well. :D (Or possibly cooking, as we decided that would be allowed this year as well - there are some states that get more difficult to find new recipes!)

Penny got us started with pepparkakor for Marcus Pettersson, but sadly the Pens didn't win. Let's hope they start that tonight!

I am baking for the Captain, Sidney Crosby, a true Nova Scotian classic - which is why I baked a Nova Scotian classic for him: Marie Nightingale’s Ginger Snaps.

several golden brown maple leaf shaped cookies on a cooling rack

Go Pens! 🐧

[community profile] thefridayfive questions

Apr. 12th, 2019 11:52 am
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N.B. I haven't listened to the music I'm linking to because I'm in class, so I hope they're actually playing what they say they are.

1. What are the five oldest songs on your iPod, computer, or phone (whatever device you store your music on)?

I can't tell you because my music collection is a mess, but I can tell you the first three songs I ever downloaded, still on my father's computer at the time: Abingdon Boys School: Innocent Sorrow, Access: Doubt & Trust, Access: Hitomi no Tsubasa.

2. And the five newest songs?

Wellll, same, because I just downloaded those onto my phone xD But for a more representative sample, the three albums I've saved most recently on Google Play are SKÁLD: Vikings Chant, Trobar de Morte: Ouroboros, Lusine: Sensorimotor.

3. What’s your favorite song to sing along to?

Well, that really depends on what I'm currently listening to the most. Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody is an all-time favourite, though!

4. What’s the first song you ever memorized?

Well, I was two and three and impressing all the little old ladies on the plane we were taking to Russia to visit my father with all the German traditional children's songs I knew an unreasonable amount of verses for. No idea which specific one would have been first!

5. What song is your current earworm?

Sowelu: Wish, because I had to cut off listening to that in the middle of the song when class started, so it's still running in my head.

Leverage Bingo Card

NSFW Apr. 11th, 2019 06:06 pm
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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Pattern Recognition [Podfic] (24:25 min) by [archiveofourown.org profile] podfic_lover, [archiveofourown.org profile] tinypinkmouse, [archiveofourown.org profile] sylvaine, and [archiveofourown.org profile] idellaphod
Fandom: Engelsforstrilogin | The Engelsfors Trilogy - Mats Strandberg & Sara Bergmark Elfgren
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Vanessa Dahl/Linnéa Wallin
Additional Tags: Introspection, Dreams, Post Cirkeln
Summary: Vanessa can see the signs, but that doesn't mean she's ready to read them.

Another [twitter.com profile] europodfriends project I was involved in! \o/ Lending my voice to things is great because I don't have to do any of the difficult bits! :P And listening to the EPF projects is always such a joy because of how much FUN it was. I can't WAIT until November. \o/

Conveniently enough, I can also use this podfic for my [community profile] podfic_bingo square "Altered States"!

Spring has sprung and I have a headache

NSFW Apr. 10th, 2019 03:16 pm
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )

Podfic Bingo Card

NSFW Apr. 10th, 2019 02:58 pm
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Genprompt Bingo Card

NSFW Apr. 10th, 2019 02:46 pm
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Apr. 10th, 2019 06:18 pm
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Fame was a lot of fun last night. Nothing spectacular but enough dancing and drama that I was happy. Though, no dancing on car tops happened, what's up with that? I did have to smile though as one of the teacher characters at the very beginning states 'you won't be dancing on car tops in the street' as part of their welcome spiel. So that was me told, too.

I suspect they'd given a lot of cut-price tickets to local dance schools as the place was overrun with groups of early teen/pre-teen girls. Not that they caused any issues, just a lot of seat changing was going on, and in the interval, the group sat behind us nipped to the pub next door where screening for The Voice was going on. Whether they auditioned or just wanted to see what was going on I don't know, but they did come back for the second half if a little late.

Today we've been to the limb centre so James could get both of his legs checked. He was well overdue for an appointment, especially as he's put on weight and artificial legs have weight limits. We were there for a long time as his spare leg didn't fit at all and the one he wears now needed an overhaul. For the first hour or so I hung out in the waiting room, which was fine, I had my Kindle Fire, the chairs were comfy, there was a shop where I could get a coffee and they had a tv that was on the BBC1 channel. Then I joined James in the fitting room for the last half an hour before he got his sort-of new leg -- it has a new ankle part and a new cover, then will get the all-new one next week.

Corey lives really close to the hospital so we dropped a letter off for him, then decided to go to a nearby park for a stroll. Only to discover there was an Easter event going on and the place was rammed with families. So we ate our lunch there and drove home, where James crashed out on the couch and as it was sunny, I got some work done in the garden.

I planted some pansies that have been waiting to be transplanted for a few days and finally got my seeds in. Five varieties of tomatoes, cucumber and courgette as of now. But I discovered I didn't have any flower seeds at all, which won't do. I also weeded a bit and hosed down the path and generally pottered in the sunshine, and at that moment all was well in the world.


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