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 So while scrubbing at the plates today, I had an awesome brainwave. I've been re-re-re-reading His Dark Materials recently, and last night I listened to FayJay's awesome Playing Human (Sherlock/HDM crossover) podfic, and so it's been on my mind. I've read a good few crossovers of HDM with other fandoms, and I get why. It's such a fascinating concept, daemons. 

Then I started to put together my favourite universes with it. I love dystopians and the such like and I started to put the A Song of Ice and Fire series with daemons (As regards to the Starks: Jon and Arya have direwolves, Sansa some sort of bird or butterfly maybe, Robb a dog of some sort, Bran a dog also and Rickon... I dunno. Haven't thought that far.) and I got all excited and started plotting.

Then I splashed water all over me and got distracted :( But then! When I got back to cleaning the dishes, I thought of how excited I was for The Hunger Games. (How excited? VERY!) Then.


Something about the unspoken rule that daemons aren't to be touched, and someone touches Katniss/Finnick/Peeta/Rue/Whoever's daemon and idk I haven't thought that far but :DD???

Anyone want to write that for me? xD

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After nearly a year ago reading the first chapter in a book shop, falling in love and never seeing it again, I read it. Online, yeah I know. I hate where I live, no shops anywhere.

AND I LOVE IT. This sort of stuff is exactly down my lane - think How I Live Now or any Desolation Row AU fics. I love the violence. :D I am a violent person, yeah. It reminds me of a Desolation Row AU I read wherein the boys have a concert. And it's epic. And there are tunnels and that is seriously, all I can remember from it. Except that it's good. Like The Hunger Games. I have already read fanfic about it. I have already friended people who write THG fanfiction. Is it safe to say that this is going to be a new fandom for me? As if getting into AI8 isn't bad enough, and bandom seriously takes up all my time!

I am excited for the movie but I still can't see Lenny Kravitz as Cinna. IDEK mo brevhrin. IDEK.


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