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“@Niki_Homicide: @brendonboydurie tell me something adorable about your childhood!” I pooped my pants on the last day of second grade.

- Brendon Urie, 17th December 2011.

You stay classy, Brendon Urie.

In other news, I demand a comfort ficlet about this. Read more... )
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Christmas time is here! [livejournal.com profile] pennyplainknits just posted pictures of her lovely decorations and baking - I decided I'd do the same,

...Except that I can't find my camera,,, Anywhere! So in the spirit of Christmas I decided to try anyways - by using my phone. 
Have some blurry crappy pictures until I find my camera!
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Happy Christmas one and all!
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I promise promise promise to have All We Are finished soon. My headphones jack is broken and I need to wear headphones will editing to hear little things like clicks - I have awful hearing!

In other news, I Have Been All Things Unholy has 250 downloads! \o/ I am so honoured that 250 people took the time to download it, and maybe even listen. Thankyou to all the amazing people who commented! Double the awesome.

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So basically you can blame Barrowman for making me cry at fictional tv characters who are kinda huge pricks dying.

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Tune uke. Break string.

That's pretty much how my week is going, so far. I got my new guitar on Monday and I've spent the last few days gazing at her adoringly (she's called Rose. I lub her muchly.) and stroking her sleek body. :3 That was the high point of the week. From then it just went down (down, in an earlier round.). tv, guitar, shitty ass friends )
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It's probably way too early to freak out about this, or whatever but hey. Can you blame a girl? 
So, my guitar teacher is recording an album. That's pretty cool, right? What's cooler is that he'd like me to do some backing vocals for a few songs \o/ 
Also I connected my iPod to his laptop to charge it and iTunes was all "The iPod Frankie is synced with another library, blah blah blah," and he just looks at me and says "Frankie? Is that your name?" and I was all flustered "WELL my middle name is Francesca so. It's close enough?"
So he asked did I want to be called Frankie instead (LOL I BET HE THINKS I'M TRANS OR SOMETHING OH THAT'S WHY HE ASKED LAWL AM I SLOW OR?) and I was like "my real name will be fine ok" all weakly. 

Also his computer was in Spanish and I was trying to find out how to turn on hidden files so I could put some music on it and I couldn't. find. anything. 

Spanish is confusing yo.
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I CAN PLAY 'the only difference between matyrdom and suicide is press coverage' on TIN WHISTLE. You do NOT want to know how hard it was to change that into something decent, yeh.

Well, it's not perfect and I'm missing a note somewhere but a C♭ sounded wrong so.

I can also do... Love Story. Taylor Swift. I changed that when I was,  like 12. SSSH. Also I Kissed A Girl, haa.

Time to do other songs woo.
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I really should be in bed by now, busy day amarach, et all. Going to Albuferia. Excitmundo, aaah. Haven't been on a holiday in three years, so this is most certainly deserved, imho. 
I had an AHMAZING idea for a fic (wazz new) and I'm so bringing a notebook along and jotting it down during the week. I also got my hair cut and dyed (I now have neon red hair. It wasn't meant to be that colour, grrreat.) and my fringe is perfect. For now. Tomorrow heralds a new day.

I dunn wanna leave the internets for a week but I have to :( Bringing my DS along because I am 5years old and it has wireless internet in it so I can use it in the airport, yay.  I need to go charge gadgets, ceeya.

Oiche maith, lj.
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 except that FRANK IS A DOUCHEBAG WHO LIKES PUNK MUSIC AND GERARD IS A RECLUSE and that BASICALLY describes EVERY single fic out there.
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 So, it's the holidays, and I've done f-u-c-k all. Sitting at home, devouring fic after fic, mostly. I've gone out of the house approximately twice. Right now I'm doing a Glee camp with my one true love, [livejournal.com profile] fearlessforlife and we are both pissed about the solos, as usual. Whazzz new.
I'm doing the 'rap' in Born This Way, she's doing a piece in Don't Stop Believing. Needless to say neither of us are pleased. In other notes, I can't sing, I can't dance and all I can do is karate. My voice cracks during it because, yenno, I need to breath sometime and I'm jerking like a robot and trying to pronounce complicated words, eugh. Also there are some annoying children, don't know when to shut up, feel the need to inform us that their hand has a pattern from the carpet, etc.
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 and the sorting of it will take foREVer. I, very very very stupidly, deleted all the tags because I didn't realise you could rename them. Now I have A LOT of sorting to do. I managed to sort into glee, harry potter and bandom fics, and add a few tags, but I'm working on the pairings right now, plus bands. Awkward moment when you don't actually know what band this person belongs to -_- anyways, it's under the same name as my LJ. woop.

lol idk.

Jul. 4th, 2011 07:48 pm
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 So, I opened this text box and ran through the subjects that I could rant about. Klaine Skit Kiss, how some people are idiots, Brittana Peck, the fact that I need more good William Beckett fic like I need air, how some people are idiots... etc.
So I realised I could get my first long shit fic, edit it up and make it the prettys again. 
It was posted to Fanfiction.net (yeah, I know.) back in '10 when Glee fandom was just emerging. It was about Kurt (duh,) and Quinn (I had been on a OMG DEH CUTE OF CHRITH/LADY DI rampage for the last few days and just had to write it.) So, that's what I'm off to do. I'm not sure how long it is, because it's *shudder* chaptered. And mother is screaming at me for putting black nail varnish in the sink - which I didn't do. Jesus fucking christ I take the blame all the time for my sister.

LOL I just read this House Of Night/Glee crossover I wrote. IT IS TERRIBLE. 

"I've got relations over." Said Tina.

LOL I WAS SUCH A BAD WRITER. still am tho.

My god. What is this? Kurt is moving to NEW JERSEY? What would posses me to move them there. I think I got it in my head that NJ was close enough to NYC, lawlz. NJ tho. And I wasn't even in Bandom at the time. NJ, boys. It's like going a full circle. 
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 Two posts in one day, I'm on a roll ladies and gents. So, while writing my bdenmoves!fic, I had a Homeroom scene, including the teacher calling out names.
I realised I needed people for this, so I made an A-Z, entered who I could remember, and pulled up my good friend Wikipedia, went to Degaydance and Fueled By Ramen pages and looked through the bands to see which stunners I could throw in. I ended up with a sizeable list so I am going to post it here because I am cool like that. Ahem.
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