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“@Niki_Homicide: @brendonboydurie tell me something adorable about your childhood!” I pooped my pants on the last day of second grade.

- Brendon Urie, 17th December 2011.

You stay classy, Brendon Urie.

In other news, I demand a comfort ficlet about this. Read more... )

lol idk.

Jul. 4th, 2011 07:48 pm
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 So, I opened this text box and ran through the subjects that I could rant about. Klaine Skit Kiss, how some people are idiots, Brittana Peck, the fact that I need more good William Beckett fic like I need air, how some people are idiots... etc.
So I realised I could get my first long shit fic, edit it up and make it the prettys again. 
It was posted to Fanfiction.net (yeah, I know.) back in '10 when Glee fandom was just emerging. It was about Kurt (duh,) and Quinn (I had been on a OMG DEH CUTE OF CHRITH/LADY DI rampage for the last few days and just had to write it.) So, that's what I'm off to do. I'm not sure how long it is, because it's *shudder* chaptered. And mother is screaming at me for putting black nail varnish in the sink - which I didn't do. Jesus fucking christ I take the blame all the time for my sister.

LOL I just read this House Of Night/Glee crossover I wrote. IT IS TERRIBLE. 

"I've got relations over." Said Tina.

LOL I WAS SUCH A BAD WRITER. still am tho.

My god. What is this? Kurt is moving to NEW JERSEY? What would posses me to move them there. I think I got it in my head that NJ was close enough to NYC, lawlz. NJ tho. And I wasn't even in Bandom at the time. NJ, boys. It's like going a full circle. 
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 Two posts in one day, I'm on a roll ladies and gents. So, while writing my bdenmoves!fic, I had a Homeroom scene, including the teacher calling out names.
I realised I needed people for this, so I made an A-Z, entered who I could remember, and pulled up my good friend Wikipedia, went to Degaydance and Fueled By Ramen pages and looked through the bands to see which stunners I could throw in. I ended up with a sizeable list so I am going to post it here because I am cool like that. Ahem.
an a-z of awesomeness: who YOU need to know )
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Yay, I've got writers block. At the minute I'm writing a Panic! fic about Brendon moving to Nevada. It's gonna be at least 10,000+ as I already have 3,000 words and I've only got the first part and another bit that I needed to get down because I was in the mood for it, but there is a huge gap in between those bits and at least 7,000 words after. Eek. It will take a while to get this done, ugh. And every second Google search is something about Mormonism. It's damn confusing, I'll tell ya, being raised as a catholic and then having to learn a whole different system, so similar and so different. I've found some handy primers but I've had to resort to *shudder* Yahoo! Answers. Um, no thanks. I also need a beta but I'm too lazy to get one because I don't even know if I'll bother finishing it, though I'd like to.
May as well post a snippet :)

untitled fic snippet )

Um, so I don't know if that was any good. Heh. Nervousness. Woo. Kbye.


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