Breathe You In

Apr. 20th, 2019 10:11 pm
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Mark’s knees are numb, his jaw aching, cheeks burning.

Words: 1021, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Chilled Duck

Apr. 20th, 2019 09:40 pm
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It is said in hockey there is an asshole on every team and tonight it's Corey Perry. He’s been all over Tyler since the game began.

Fists flew that night. “Your. Kind. Have. No. Place. Here!” Jamie said in pieces landing each punch. “Get your captain to send us our prey,” He shouts shoving Perry off him into the linesman’s arms as he gets hugged by a linesman himself and ushered to the bench.

Words: 4762, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 32 of You Bag Him, I'll Tag Him

Date Night

Apr. 20th, 2019 08:02 pm
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Jonny tries to make a healthy meal for his date night with Patrick.

Words: 250, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of Unrelated One Shots

no soul ever will

Apr. 20th, 2019 07:15 pm
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He meets Alex Pietrangelo and everything he’s ever taught himself unravels.

Words: 2726, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

WIP - Dekes and Scores

Apr. 18th, 2019 10:00 pm
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Emily Daya is the best hockey player in the National Women's Hockey League. Until she gets hurt, bad. Her dumbass friend sticks her with a babysitting gig with some guy who she doesn't know. And something about chipmunks? She doesn't know. All she knows is that she started the year off with what she thought to be a career ending injury, and ended it with a boyfriend, the Isobel Cup, and a captaincy?

-Unbeta'd: all mistakes are mine, feel free to give constructive criticism-

Words: 1666, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

New Jersey October 2005 9/12

Apr. 20th, 2019 10:24 pm
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Even more pics from their performance at Tweeter Center in Camden, New Jersey, on 14 October 2005.


This way... )

one hundred

Apr. 20th, 2019 02:37 pm
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“It’s a simple question,” Brad replied, a little impatient at having to repeat himself. “When I get a hundred points in a season, will you take me out on a date or no?”

Or, Brad gets Patrice to make him a promise after his first NHL call-up. Almost a decade later, Patrice--who is not gay, mind you--finds himself planning a date with his best friend.

Words: 5628, Chapters: 1/3, Language: English

It Ain't Easy (Lovin' Me)

Apr. 20th, 2019 01:15 pm
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If Brandon could say he knew what was going to happen when Ryan Dzingel came to town, then he would totally say it. But he didn't. No one did.
All Brandon knew was that he was getting a cute, bright-eyed kid with a big smile from the Senators and that would be that.

Words: 4887, Chapters: 4/?, Language: English

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Title: Learn Something New
Author: [personal profile] cesperanza
Reader: [personal profile] mific
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairings: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Rating: E
Summary: "This isn't a vacation!" Rodney shouted. "This is about declassifying research that's going to change the course of physics!"
Content notes: A favourite of mine! The urge to make a podfic suddenly came upon me, unfortunately when I hadn't completely gotten over a cold so my voice is even more nasal than usual. Sorry about that, but I didn't have the energy to re-record so I hope you can still enjoy it. Also apologies for the very bad singing :) Thanks to like_cheap_wine for permission to use their art as a podfic cover, and to Speranza for blanket permission to transform works.
Length: ~31 min.

text at AO3

The Charioteer

Apr. 19th, 2019 08:57 pm
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“Welcome Tiny Joy, how we love you.”

A celebration of Ashton Matthews’ first Song.

Words: 1700, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of Ashton Beau Matthews

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“It’s a fairy tale castle,” Adam says and gestures vaguely at it.

“How do you know it’s a fairy tale castle?” Brandon asks, pedantically. “It could be a regular castle. It’s not like anyone’s hung a sign.”

“A regular-ass castle? In the middle of the woods with no city around it? Off the road and everything?” Adam asks. “With a moat and all but no wall? Don’t be stupid, it’s not cute.”

Words: 11113, Chapters: 1/3, Language: English

Can you Love Me Again

Apr. 19th, 2019 06:34 pm
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Prince Joseph Taylor of the United States has one semester to make the most of the exchange program in Vancouver. He isn't expecting to fall in love there, let alone with Tyson, the one person who has no idea who he is.

Words: 2272, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English

New Jersey October 2005 8/12

Apr. 19th, 2019 11:00 pm
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More pics from their performance at Tweeter Center in Camden, New Jersey, on 14 October 2005.


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“This was fucked up.” Backy says, the words bitten off. “You all know it. You know you can do better. Especially after we lost Oshbabe. He deserved to have us win for him.” He pauses, looking around slowly. On the other side of Burky, V’s head is dropped so low he looks like he’s about to eat the slush off his skates.

Or, Nicklas Backstrom has Something To Say about last night.

Words: 4658, Chapters: 2/2, Language: English

nights like this

Apr. 19th, 2019 12:02 pm
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Posted by Anonymous

by Anonymous

From making out in the car to playing footsie at a restaurant to a lapdance in their hotel room.

Words: 3722, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

are we names in a tattoo

Apr. 19th, 2019 02:32 pm
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“Most of the time, curses aren’t specifically or intentionally cast,” Alex explains. “It takes a lot of supplies, and time, and energy to set a curse. Most magic carriers won’t do it; it’s not worth it.”

“If it’s not a curse…”

“It’s a mutated spell.”

Words: 4700, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of and it's called black magic

(no subject)

Apr. 19th, 2019 01:27 pm
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James goes back to work today. Despite a phased return it's a weird shift starting at 8 and ending at midnight, so he won't even leave the house until 7. We suspect it's because his immediate boss is on nights and wants to be there for James going back. But whatever it is, it's a positive step forward. Health wise James is much better than he was, and we're still getting out for daily walks which is helping him a lot.

Of course the weather changing for the better is helping that too. It was such a lovely day yesterday, I could even go outside without my hoodie on, which hasn't happened for ages. Though we did spend most of the morning at the limb centre again. James was expecting to pick up his new leg but the stump cover didn't fit right, and of course that needs to be perfect, so it meant hours waiting around while he got another cast done, plus, the shop wasn't open. Which was just wrong, no cheap coffee for me.

After we dropped off Easter eggs for Corey and his girlfriend and eventually headed for home where on the night we watched three episodes of The Rookie, which was decent enough, but nothing stand-out.

The trip to Edinburgh went really well on Tuesday. It had a rocky start as when we arrived at Durham station we discovered that one side of the road was blocked off and you had to park on the opposite side and walk a long way down a hill and back up to get to the other platform as the lift was blocked too. Getting to the other side we found out there was a little golf cart thing that would transport people with mobility issues from one side to the other, but considering we knew nothing about it and it wasn't signposted on the shut side, it wasn't much help to us. But, we were on the train for 7:20 and apart from someone sitting in our booked seats, everything went great. The woman left with an eye roll and as the seats were priority ones were so much easier to get to with a bit extra leg room. Then, two hours later we were at Edinburgh, and went on to leave the station in completely the wrong direction, ending up in this out of the way area. Though it actually ended up good for us as we arrived in this deserted part just as a taxi was dropping some people off, and the taxi driver was great. First telling directions, then telling us about a taxi app that we could put on our phones and both get a £15 first use credit, which meant we got free trips to the zoo and then back.

We were at the zoo gates just before ten, so got in for opening. And man, that zoo is big. It's built over a huge hill so some of the top parts are really steep. To help people with mobility issues they have two converted cars that will drive you where you want to go. Which is a really good idea. What we did was walk the flat parts at the beginning and then got a lift to the top and walked down. Even so, it was a load of walking and step wise I did well over three times my average. James did well but was exhausted by the time we left. We'd had vague plans to visit the castle too, but in the end we left the zoo much later than we'd expected, and James was done. All he was good for was half an hour snooze in the Costa near the train station then a slow walk along the nearby park. Then, back to the train station and home by nine. I had to laugh coming home as we discovered the station was massive with loads of shops and eating places. Where we'd ended up in the morning I've no idea, but we'd seen no shops at all.

I have to admit, I'm conflicted about zoos in many ways. I've seen some bad ones, but Edinburgh zoo had huge areas for all of the animals and are doing good work in terms of conservation, but at the same time, the animals are still caged. So, yeah, conflicted despite enjoying seeing all these fabulous animals. Highlights were the pandas and strangely, the colourful birds area where a bird took a liking to James' hair and beard and sat on his head plucking out hairs.

I've put some of my favourite animal photos behind the cut )

I just did my 20 year LJ card over here.

At my whistle/on my count

Apr. 19th, 2019 12:36 am
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While watching the movement of his thighs and ass is kind of interesting in the way that watching any well-formed muscles move would be, he feels no spark of arousal. Which is, well, good, he guesses. He definitely doesn’t want to fuck TK, then. He just wants him to be in his house, making him laugh and acting like an idiot. And to be the sole focus of his attention.

Words: 7556, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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He really thought this was the year he’d get to wear them.

Words: 1383, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 6 of Be a Lady and a Freak, oh


Apr. 18th, 2019 05:49 pm
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Being eliminated always sucked. The only good thing about an early out was it gave Geno time to get ready for Worlds. He would just gather up Sid and go to Slovakia, where they could get spectacularly drunk and lick their wounds. Worlds couldn't fix everything, but it was always a good time.

When Geno voiced his plan, he thought Sid would approve. He certainly didn't expect Sid to say, "I'm not going to Worlds."

Words: 2390, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English


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