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I fail at updating my masterlist, so I moved it to Google Docs.
You can access it here, however, it is also out of date.

The best place to see fic + podfic is at my ao3 acc. 

I rarely use this journal now. I'm not even xposting from ao3 anymore  Chat with me on twitter: @letsgopodfic.

A note on transformative works:

Go ahead. Do whatever the hell you want. You don't need to link me. You don't need to credit me. I honestly don't care, just treat em well. You don't need to link me when you are done. If you want to, that's great. No pressure. Otherwise; you don't need to credit me in a repod. Just ask the author if repods are okay. 

If you haven't already given a blanket statement but are meaning to, go! Do it, now! There might be some angsty worried fan wondering how to approach you to ask can they do something with your work.

If you ever need to get in contact with me about anything, rather than PM-ing me because I might not see it, my email address is letsgofriday at gmail dot com
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Day two!

I am actually posting this a day late, because I was quite tired yesterday!

So, I got up and dressed, had toast for breakfast and went to my first race in nearly 2 years! It was a 10k run/walk or a 4k run. I decided on the 4k run because I felt kind of sick and didn't want to push myself. It was seriously crowded. They expected maybe 500 people, but there was over 1000! They ended up giving out pieces of paper with your race number on and one pin to stick it to you,  because there wasn't enough! I was no. 701! So we hung around waiting for the 10k-ers to get a head start, and off we were. I was unfortunately in the middle, and had planned to walk to warm up because I'd forgotten my gloves and got cold waiting, but instead I immediately started running so I could get out the crowds. Unfortunately, basically the first 1km was a giant hill, so I paced that, but was already ahead so no crowds :D

Along the way I took a few photos. I was trying to beat a record so I didn't want to stop often.

This is an old abandoned house on the route. All the windows are kicked in and the door rotting, but an Irish flag is still hanging from the window. You don't see flags on houses often here, so I stopped to take a picture.

My phone doesn't accurately capture the beauty of the mountain ahead. The sun was shining on it and the sky sure didn't seem that grey!

I finished the 4k in exactly 30 minutes. Not too shabby considering the hills. They were seriously like MMMMMM, up and down and up again. Got sandwiches, lucozade, cups of tea, rice krispy buns and a slice of apple pie before going home. Lazed around a bit at home, then had a shower and attempted yet again to do something with my hair. It failed.

Then I had my dinner, which I *did* take a picture of, but it has vanished. It was tomato soup, then grilled chicken, parsnip and carrot mash, and potatoes. Not hugely exciting, but healthy, so.

Spent the rest of the day reading, internetting, tidying up and watching old clips of 'Whose Line'. Such a good show! Then off to bed :)

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Inspired by  [personal profile] croissantkatie and [personal profile] paraka , I took some photos of what I did today!

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Day 7

In your own space, share something non-fannish about yourself. A passion or a hobby or a talent, something that people might not know about you. We are more than just our fandoms. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.
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In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Drop a link to your post in the comments. See if you can rec fanworks that are less likely to be praised: tiny fandoms, rare pairings, fanworks other than stories, lesser known kinks or tropes. Find fanworks that have few to no comments, or creators new to a particular fandom and maybe aren't well known or appreciated. Appreciate them.

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Day 1

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.
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giving this meme a revival. it's interesting to compare it to last year.

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happy new year everyone, and to a great year of podficcing for all!

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Hey there, dear brave soul who is to record something for me for #ITPE.

Thanks so much for doing this! I can't wait to listen to the wonderful piece and I hope you enjoy whatever you get from whoever, as well.

If it's on my pinboard, I love it and you can disregard any warnings about it.

I have a pile of fandoms, but unfortunately I don't love them all equally. Because of that, I'm going to lay my feelings on them out below the cut. This includes squicks and loves that are particular to this fandom. I might like them (squicks) elsewhere, however.

My fandoms (that I signed up with, anyway) are: Bandom*, Hockey*, Supernatural, Community, Inception, Sherlock*, X-Men: First Class, Firefly, AI8, One Direction, Actors RPF*, Merlin, Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Doctor Who*, Torchwood and Suits!
(* means that these are fandoms with ~subfandoms, if you will.)

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I know that seems really detailed, but better safe than sorry. However, this is just a guide line. It doesn't have to be followed explicitly.

Again, thank you so much! I hope you find a fic that you enjoy reading and you're proud of the result.


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Because I do.

Help spread the word on podfic (you don't need to be a podficcer to join in!).
[community profile] pod_aware || [community profile] pod_aware

Such fun! I sadly didn't participate last year as I was totally swamped, but this year I totally will. The subjects look very interesting too.

[community profile] theatripod is taking place! Sadly, I don't think it's something for me, because I SUCK at deadlines so badly, but just in case anyone hasn't heard of it. I will be eagerly following the proceedings and willing to help anyone through a mental recording/directing/editing block!

frerard mini fang bang
A newer, darker album is coming up. Halloween (and Frankie's birthday) looms, and what better way to celebrate than a flailtastic mini frerard (fang!)bang? The challenge, should you choose to accept it: vampire frerard, 5k word minimum.

Again, this isn't something that I'll be taking part in (the timeline is... very tight) and vampires aren't something I like writing or creating around, but I will happily consume the resulting fanworks. I'm not doing anything for Hallowe'en this year, podfic-wise (last year, myself and [personal profile] knight_tracer worked frantically to get I Have Been All Things Unholy ready for Hallowe'en.) but it's nice to see that I will get my horror fix!


October Swap is still taking place! I don't know about anything else, but if you want something from me, just comment :D I'm so glad I made a spreadsheet while I was still ahead though, there is so much giving and goodwill going around! I know poor [personal profile] analise010 was saying to me on Twitter that she's finding it hard to keep up, which is a good sign imo! All the more fun!

#InformalTwitterPodficExchange is going on! I just signed up - it's gonna be fuuuun :D Signups are open until Friday, just tweet [ profile] vworpvworp or [ profile] bessyboo with fandoms you are willing to record, and ones you'd like to receive in!

Podbang is also accepting sign ups now! Do so here.

October is Repod Month this year!
Come post your repods over at [community profile] multipodicity
October is re-pod month! So if you have a repod lingering on your harddrive, go, post it! Celebrate!

Wow, that's a lot to get through this month! So, how is everyone!?

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This is for [personal profile] analise010 as part of the October swap that's going on! She wanted Irishy things, I said I'd make a small mediaspam while I figured out what to send her, and I... ended up with a load of dance but not many other Irishy things? You guys, I just LOVE Irish dancing. (Except the costumes. EW.)

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I'll be back with more later!

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This will be nice! I've posted a comment there, I think I'm the second so :D I listed everything that I could think of, but I'm sure there is more. Yaaay! Go and leave a comment. I would love to give you something ♥

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I'm pretty sure everyone that I'm friends with on here is friends with everyone else I am friends with, so you've all probably already seen this. Oh well!

banner by [personal profile] ktc

Exciting! I've already seen a few prompts that catch my eye, and there is such a lovely long time frame. I can't wait to do this.


Hugs are the best! I've sadly kind of... drifted out of bandom, but I will certainly enjoy the amazingness that will surely emerge from here. And I might do something for it, who knows!

Bandom Stuffsit is back again! I won't be signing up because stressful :( but I again shall enjoy the works that are made for it.

Time to go and sign up for things! (It's not Christmas without ten million amazing fests.)

Love meme!

Sep. 28th, 2012 11:07 pm
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I've had a pretty shitty week, not gonna lie, so I would appreciate some love over at [ profile] mrsronweasley 's love meme.

My thread is here :)

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So, I came home at lunch time, feeling okay, and saw this meme.

Podficcers Love Meme: ON DW | ON LJ

So I said to myself, ah post a comment. Came home feeling absolutely rotten, and got some emails telling me I had replies to my comment. <333333 Everyone made my day so much better so quickly :) Thanks guys.

Go on, post a comment!
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If you love hockey, then join us at [ profile] hockeybigbang for the Hockey RPF Big Bang challenge! Create long fics of a minimum of 10,000 words to be paired with artwork or a fanmix! SIGN UP HERE!

I AM SO IN TWO MINDS TO SIGN UP FOR THIS ARGH. Will I, or will I not? As an artist or a mixer? As I said on twitter, I doubt my commitment to the sparkle motion.
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I love these sort of things. Back when Bebo (does anyone remember that or was that an Irish thing) was huge, there were these posts that you would fill in so people would know you better and I would do about twenty of them. So it's interesting to see what <i>other</i> people think of me!

Comment and I'll tell you:

1. Tell you why I friended you. If I remember.
2. Associate you with something.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Associate you with a character/pairing.
6. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7. Tell you my favourite userpic of yours.
8. Tell you that you must post this in your own journal.
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So I was watching the latest episode of Bad Education, and all I really wanted was some Stephen/Mitchell fic. I don't think they even interact on the show, but whatever. So I wrote some?

Run Up If You Want Some.

A Bad Education (2012) fic, pairing Stephen/Mitchell. No canon knowledge needed, just know it's one asshole chav guy and one openly gay fucking awesome guy who go to school together in some town in England! Yay.

At AO3.

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I don't know if any of my Flist are hockey fans, but hot damn.


Hell yes he does.

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Title: Close Your Eyes and Think of England
Fandom: British Actors RPF
Author: [personal profile] sam_storyteller 
Reader: [personal profile] letsgofriday 
Rating: pg
Time: 04:29
Size: 4.10 mb (mp3)

"Oh, are we talking about slash again?"

Readers notes: This fic was a joy to record. I kept on bursting into giggles - I even included some bloopers at the end, I had to! And yes, I know technically that is not the English flag - but I figured as John Barrowman and David Tennant are both Scottish, use the UK flag instead. (Also it's way prettier. Sorry, English folk.) Enjoy! Please leave a comment for me and the author <3

Download: dropbox or alternatively,


(Sorry if the streaming doesn't work - it's my first time trying it, and those things never show up on my laptop for reasons unknown to me, so I can't tell if it's there or not.)


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