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Inspired by  [personal profile] croissantkatie and [personal profile] paraka , I took some photos of what I did today!

I woke up around 10am, then lounged around in bed until about 11am, catching up on emails, fic and twitter. I then got up and attempted to style my hair, which... Didn't work? I tried a Gibson Roll, some double-braided crown thing and something else which I forget. I ended up with a topknot, aka my go-to. I don't have any photos of that stage of the day, probably for the best.

I then sent a podfic off to be beta'd by the lovely [personal profile] fishpatrol , sobbed and hugged it tearfully. I then got caught up on hockey and football affairs, which consisted of reading /r/hockey, nhl.com, espn and /r/soccer. Yay, Hawks! I then finally got dressed in my Hawks jersey with a charcoal grey zipped hoodie and a loose blue top under, with purple skinny jeans and ugg boots, because I'm lazy.

I don't normally bother with makeup beyond my favourite foundation, a Mac one of some kind, and mascara. I then made my breakfast/lunch:

For the uninitiated, that's toast with far too much butter, baked beans (Heinz means beans!) a fried egg that was not meant to have any yolk but I messed up when cracking the egg, a mug of milky black tea, a glass of orange juice and a bowl of fruit cocktail, sugary syrupy sweet crap that I like to pretend is good for me.

I then twittered-facebooked-dreamwidth'd-reddited about the place until it was about 3pm, and then I tidied the place up a bit, loaded the dishwasher, hung out the laundry and remade the sofa throws. Then about 4pm, I sat down with my guitar and practised some bits and pieces.

Then at 5pm, I went to guitar lessons! I absolutely adore my teacher, Leo. He's Spanish and so funny. I love playing with him - he's super talented and actually will be leaving Ireland soon :( He got a scholarship to Berkeley School of Music in Boston! We went over some improv and chord related written work, then sat down with the most boring song in the world by Santana and tried to make it more interesting. First I learnt the chords (which I already somehow forget, oops), then some fancy riff bit to add on, but then we ran out of time and I had to leave because I had singing lessons! He's going to the Canaries next week, so we're just gonna jam on Skype instead, which will be pretty good anyways!

So, off I went to singing! I left my phone behind but I took a photo of my piano and song book instead.

Lying beside it is the ticket for Two Door Cinema Club who I saw back in January.

My singing teacher, Ilse, is Dutch and the best. She's super amazing at singing, and plays the violin and piano, and used to be an opera singer. When she actually sings, you can hear her down the hall of her adorable house, which is actually an old school house! It's old, creaky and pretty cold, because all that heats it is a stove, since she is out of oil again. She takes the starving artist thing seriously, y'know. But yeah. We did warming ups, and I finally got over a note that had been bothering me in some elementary vocalises by Ferdinand Sieber. Then we did a song which name I also forget because I am a terrible person, but it's pretty hard. It starts low, then climbs quickly, then there is a super sharp drop down really low, and that is repeated a good few times. It's a nice song but damn difficult.

Then I started to go home, and stopped into Lidl to pick up some stuff. I got a memory foam matress topper for 30euros, which I am delighted about!

Here it is lying on the floor just before I strip my bed to put it on.

I also picked up some stuff that I basically live on: That's rice crackers, Cadbury Dairy Milk, apple strips, fruit cocktail and stropwafels, a Dutch wafery-waffle thing glued together with honey. Super tasty.

It was about 9:30pm when I got home, so I took a rest and checked the internet, then went for a run! I've gone through piles of running apps, but have finally settled on Zombies, Run! 5K trainer and RunKeeper together. Zombies, Run! is seriously worth it, you guys! It's currently 50% off for Android so buy it now :D:D:D I'm doing the 5K version but have the main app too. I totally ship Sam and Dr Myers, oh my gosh.

These are my runners, they're Asics Duomax IGS Gel, I think? Super comfy (and pricey), and my water bottle.

After that I sat down, rewatched an episode of My Mad Fat Diary (I totally identify with Rae!) and read some of my current novel, Insurgent. I'm not enjoying it as much as the first in the series, Divergent, but it's still pretty good. Anyway, it's 2am, so off to bed!

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Your brunch looks so good. Now I want beans and egg on toast for dinner.


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