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It's probably way too early to freak out about this, or whatever but hey. Can you blame a girl? 
So, my guitar teacher is recording an album. That's pretty cool, right? What's cooler is that he'd like me to do some backing vocals for a few songs \o/ 
Also I connected my iPod to his laptop to charge it and iTunes was all "The iPod Frankie is synced with another library, blah blah blah," and he just looks at me and says "Frankie? Is that your name?" and I was all flustered "WELL my middle name is Francesca so. It's close enough?"
So he asked did I want to be called Frankie instead (LOL I BET HE THINKS I'M TRANS OR SOMETHING OH THAT'S WHY HE ASKED LAWL AM I SLOW OR?) and I was like "my real name will be fine ok" all weakly. 

Also his computer was in Spanish and I was trying to find out how to turn on hidden files so I could put some music on it and I couldn't. find. anything. 

Spanish is confusing yo.
letsgofriday: The Weeping angels surrounding the Tardis (ryan ross avec guitar)
I CAN PLAY 'the only difference between matyrdom and suicide is press coverage' on TIN WHISTLE. You do NOT want to know how hard it was to change that into something decent, yeh.

Well, it's not perfect and I'm missing a note somewhere but a C♭ sounded wrong so.

I can also do... Love Story. Taylor Swift. I changed that when I was,  like 12. SSSH. Also I Kissed A Girl, haa.

Time to do other songs woo.


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