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Hey there, dear brave soul who is to record something for me for #ITPE.

Thanks so much for doing this! I can't wait to listen to the wonderful piece and I hope you enjoy whatever you get from whoever, as well.

If it's on my pinboard, I love it and you can disregard any warnings about it.

I have a pile of fandoms, but unfortunately I don't love them all equally. Because of that, I'm going to lay my feelings on them out below the cut. This includes squicks and loves that are particular to this fandom. I might like them (squicks) elsewhere, however.

My fandoms (that I signed up with, anyway) are: Bandom*, Hockey*, Supernatural, Community, Inception, Sherlock*, X-Men: First Class, Firefly, AI8, One Direction, Actors RPF*, Merlin, Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Doctor Who*, Torchwood and Suits!
(* means that these are fandoms with ~subfandoms, if you will.)

I ship nearly everything in bandom, seriously. The only ships I'm not a fan of are Waycest, (and therefore MCR gsf), and some various others that aren't coming to mind. I love the wives, so any fic that doesn't respect them is a no go. (It's okay if they don't exist, just no villanising :()
My main bands are MCR, Panic!, Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is and Empires.

My team is the Hawks, but I read most pairings. Kane/Toews, Seabrook/Keith, Crosby/Malkin, Skinner/Staal, Carter/Richards, Eberle/Hall/Nugent-Hopkins, Ryan/Getzlaf, in general.

Dean/Castiel, but I do like Sam/Dean too. I also adore all the gen about Dean, any of the ladies and Crowley.

My OT3 is Abed/Annie/Troy, forever and always <3 But I love ensemble pieces. I don't like Chang or Pierce much though.

I love anything with Ariadne, or Mal. I also like Ariadne/Arthur/Eames, and just plain ol Arthur/Eames. I especially love AU's in this fandom.

This includes Sherlock BBC, Elementary and the Guy Ritchie films.  I like Sherlock/John, but I also adore Moriarty and Molly gen. I hate fics where Sherlock has no empathy. I don't like crossovers with DW or SPN jsyk.

X-Men: First Class:
I love Erik/Charles, and Alex/Hank. I don't like fic that involves the mutant school, tbh, I find them all over exaggerated.

I love Kaylee/Jayne and Mal/Simon. Fics involving River's abuse are a hell no.

Kris/Adam is love.

One Direction:
I love GSF, but I'm also partial to Harry/Louis and Niall/Zayn. (Just pronounce Niall correctly. I hear interviewers say Nyyyy-ahl all the time. It's NILE, you guys.)

Actors RPF:
I actually don't like slash in here, just friendship. American, British, Irish, Welsh, I don't mind. Just not NZ (I'm not into LOTR.)

I don't really watch this show, so AU's are the way forward. Any pairing, but I love fics where Gwen has a good role.

Teen Wolf:
I like Derek/Stiles but I love fics where Lydia is a BAMF. Or it has Danny. Danny is the way to my heart.

Game of Thrones:
Anything with Ayra or Sansa. I love them. I also like Robb/Theon and Robb/Jon. Anything with rape is a huge no go in this fandom. (I skip it all in the books.) Also, spoilers for up to A Storm of Swords p2.

Harry Potter:
All the lady centric fic, please. I love minor characters.

Doctor Who:
Nine or ten please. Nine gen, Ten/Rose, Donna gen, ALL THE MARTHA GEN. (And a side of Amy/Rory/Eleven porny stuff.)

Jack/Ianto, Owen/Gwen and Tosh gen please. I love team stories. No angst, I can't handle it!

I'm on episode three, so no spoilers please. I haven't read much but I love Donna gen and Harvey/Mike.

IN GENERAL! Things I love:

I love AU's with a burning passion. High school, war, coffee shop, ANYTHING! (Except college AU's that involve a lot of drug use. Some light drug use is okay, but if every scene involves a toke (ahem Panic) then argh.)

I ADORE coming out fics, and fics dealing with sexuality in general. Beautifully written coming out fic will have me in tears. Same with gender issues. (Eg, [personal profile] croissantkatie 's beautiful trans William podfic.)

I also love sexswaps, bodyswaps, animal tranformations and CRACK! Crack is the best thing ever.

Not!fic is the cutest, funniest, bestest thing ever.

Coming of age fics are the best - a dramatic tale of how Patrick grew into the strapping (ahem) man he is today is A++.

I love BAMF female characters, and don't appreciate any lessening of them, which I see a lot in slash :(

Humour, and things that make me laugh are always loved.

They're dating and don't know it, and fake!couples are my favori!


Things that make me pause:

Dubcon/non con. Dub con is okay, but non con has to be light on details.

Mental illness, eg "voices in their head!" sort of thing, noping out of here.

Incest. Step-sibling is okay, and so is incest-incest, but it has to be handled nicely.

Heavy d/s, powerplay. I like D/s undertones, but even tying someone up is a bit :| for me.

If in hockey, people speaking French. Sometimes it's done tastefully. Jonny crying " je t'aime" during sex isn't realistic. The guy rarely speaks it anymore, he's not going to be using it during the heat of passion.

Unrealistic inexperience. Like, it's almost canon that Crosby is a virgin, apparently.

Demeaning to women. (If bitch is used to describe a woman more than 5 times in a fic, hell no.)

Heavy drug use.

Cutting/self harm.

Reference to the vagina as a flower.

Knotting, and Alpha/Beta/Omega.


Slave fic.
Detailed rape descriptions.
Embarrassment. (I can't staaaand it.)
Character death.
Sexual abuse in any way.
Ditto with domestic abuse.

I know that seems really detailed, but better safe than sorry. However, this is just a guide line. It doesn't have to be followed explicitly.

Again, thank you so much! I hope you find a fic that you enjoy reading and you're proud of the result.



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